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Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, Taking Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Seriously in International Criminal Law, (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

The monograph was awarded the 2016 Christiane-Rajewsky award of the German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies.


The book and its context were also mentioned in: Barrie Sander, Addressing the Economic Dimensions of Mass Atrocities: International Criminal Law’s Business or Blind Spot?, Justice in Conflict, Blogpost of 8 June 2015.

Follow-up research by others:

Interview with the University of Basel: in English and in German.


Journal Articles

Jusletter, « Entreprises responsables » : trois malentendus », (23 novembre 2020, avec Damiano Canapa et Elena Cima).

Pratique Juridique Actuelle / Aktuelle Juristische Praxis PJA/AJP, «Ausschlusskriterien für Kriegsmaterialexporte (2008-2019)», (2019) Numéro 11, 1171-1185 (version traduite d’une contribution parue dans Sécurité & Droit  en 2018).

Sécurité & Droit / Sicherheit und Recht, “Critères d’exclusion relatifs aux exportations du matiérel de guerre : Teneur, pratique, chantiers et désaccords 2008–2018“, (2018) no. 3, 157-170.

Pratique Juridique Actuelle / Aktuelle Juristische Praxis PJA/AJP, “Exigences internationales de prendre des mesures législatives : La Suisse doit-elle légiférer dans le domaine des « entreprises et droits humains » ?”, (2017) Heft 8, 930-942, discuté par Markus Mugglin, “Geht die Schweiz voraus oder hinterher?”, Association suisse de politique étrangère, octobre 2017.

Pratique Juridique Actuelle / Aktuelle Juristische Praxis PJA/AJP, “Einleitung: «Sorgfalt von Unternehmen in Bezug auf Menschenrechte»”, (2017) Heft 8, 927-929 (mit Gregor Geisser und Christine Kaufmann), discuté par Markus Mugglin, “Geht die Schweiz voraus oder hinterher?”, Association suisse de politique étrangère, octobre 2017.

ZeFKo Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, “Möglichkeiten und Grenzen des Völkerstrafrechts als Instrument gegen die illegale Ausbeutung von natürlichen Ressourcen und Landraub” (Potentials and Limitations of International Criminal Law as an Instrument Against the Illegal Exploitation of Resources and the Illegal Dispossession of Land/Landgrabbing)”, (2017) Heft 1, 129-148.

Zeitschrift für schweizerisches Recht, “Völkerrechtliche Gesetzgebungsaufträge in den Kantonen” (International Duties to Legislate and the Swiss Cantons)”, Band 135 (2016) I Heft 1, 3-25.

ex ante, “Umsetzungskriterien bei Volksinitiativen in Form einer allgemeinen Anregung: “‘Nume nid gschprängt’ oder das Beispiel einer lange vergessenen Stadt-Berner Volksinitiative” (Criteria on the implementation of popular initiatives in the form of general proposals ‘Steady on!’ or the example of a long-forgotten initiative from the municipality of Berne)”, Nr. 1 (2016), 31-40.

Swiss Review of International and European Law, “International Law and (Swiss) Domestic Law-Making Processes“, Nr. 4 (2015), 501-505 (with Tilmann Altwicker).

Swiss Review of International and European Law, “The Identification and Role of International Legislative Duties in a Contested Area: Must Switzerland Legislate in Relation to ‘Business and Human Rights’?” Nr. 4 (2015), 563-589.

Criminal Law Forum, “Distinguishing Types of ‘Economic Abuses’: A Three-Dimensional Model“, Vol. 26, Nr. 2, 225-254 (alternative link to SSRN pre-print).

International Journal of Transitional Justice, “‘Do No Harm’?: Exploring the Scope of Economic and Social Dimensions of Rights in Transitional Justice“, Vol. 8, No. 3 (2014), 362-382, with Aoife Nolan. >> Most read article of the IJTJ in September 2014.

Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, “Socio-Economic and Cultural Rights and Wrongs After Armed Conflicts: Using the State Reporting Procedure before the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights More Effectively”, Vol. 3 (2013), 241-271 (a previous version of this paper won a UNO Academia Award).

Nepal Law Journal, “Women’s Freedom from Want After Armed Conflicts“, Special Issue on Access to Justice for the Poor and Marginalized Groups in Nepal (2013), 85-105.

Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht / Heidelberg Journal of International Law, “War Crimes Related to Violations of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights”, Vol. 71, No. 3 (2011), 523-541.

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Journal of International Peacekeeping, “Re-Focusing on Protecting Civilians’ Basic Safety and Why We Need to Know Why People Kill: On the Latest Reports of the Secretary-General on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict”, Vol. 13, No. 3-4, (2009 ), 356-382.

PRAXIS – Fletcher Journal of Human Security, “Liberia’s Truth Commission Report: Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in Transitional Justice”, Vol. 24 (2009), 5-28.

Göttingen Journal of International Law, “The Right to a Fair Trial in Times of Terrorism: A Method to Identify the Non-Derogable Aspects of Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”, Vol. 1, No. 1 (2009), 29-44. (First prize, 2008 International Law Essay Competition).

Internationale Beziehungen – Studentische Beiträge, “Rearranging Deckchairs on the Titanic? – Consensus, Corruption and Crisis: Lebanon after the Ta’if Agreement”, Vol. 2 (2007), 27-41.

Contributions to Books

How Upper Levels Strive to Influence Law-Making at the Lower Levels and Why Lower Levels Can’t Have Cake and Eat It” in Lawmaking in Multi-level Settings Legislative Challenges in Federal Systems and the European Union, éd. Popelier Patricia, Xanthaki  Helen, Uhlmann Felix, Silveira  João Tiago, Robinson William (Hart/Nomos, 2019), 43-67.

More than a Lucky Guess? Confidence-Based Multiple-Choice Questions for Worried Law Students” in Tagungsband zur 2. Fachtagung Rechtsdidaktik, éd. Astleitner Hermann, Deibl Ines, Lagodny Otto, Loos Claus, Warto Patrick, Zumbach Jörg (Baden-Baden, Nomos, 2019), 195-213.

« L’économie », in Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la justice pénale internationale, ed. Olivier Beauvallet, (Boulogne-Billancourt : Berger-Levrault), 2017: 383-385.

“Adverse Human Agency and Disasters: a Role for International Criminal Law?”, in The Elgar Research Handbook on Disasters and International Law, ed. Susan Breau and Katja Samuel (Cheltenham, UK; Northhampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar, 2016), 111-131.

“Thickening the Rule of Law in Transition: The Constitutional Entrenchment of Economic and Social Rights in South Africa”, in International Law in Domestic Courts: Rule of Law Reform in Post-Conflict States, ed. Edda Kristjansdottir, André Nollkaemper and Cedric Ryngaert (Antwerp: Intersentia, 2012), 59-81. (Peer-reviewed). 

International Encyclopedia of Civil Society, ed. Helmut Anheimer, Stefan Toepler (New York: Springer), Contributor (2010, contributed five entries).

Book Reviews, Commentaries and Contributions to Wider Media

Journal of International Criminal Justice (Special Issue on Starvation in International Law), Book review of: Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, State Food Crimes, (2019), Volume 17, Numéro 4, 925–927.

Echo der Zeit, London soll Chagos-Archipel zurückgeben (Einschätzung zum Chagos-Gutachten des Internationalen Gerichtshofes; radio interview on the Chagos Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice), 26. Februar 2019.

Procédure de consultation concernant l’avant-projet de référendum obligatoire pour les traités internationaux ayant un caractère constitutionnel / Obligatorisches Referendum für völkerrechtliche Verträge mit Verfassungsrang, 3 octobre 2018 (disponible sur SERVAL).

Jusletter: Rezension: Arbeitsrecht im internationalen Kontext – Völkerrechtliche und europarechtliche Einflüsse auf das schweizerische Arbeitsrecht, 2017, 16. Oktober 2017.

Jusletter: Unbegründete Aufregung über das EGMR-Urteil zum Dublin-Abkommen Tarakhel gegen Schweiz, Jusletter 2014, 15. Dezember 2014.

Leiden Journal of International Law: Review Essay of Le droit international social: Droits économiques, sociaux et culturels, by Jean-Marc Thouvenin, Anne Trebilcock (eds), forthcoming Vol. 27, No. 3 (2014), 800-803. (Peer-reviewed).

Radio DRS 4: Interview zur Kriegsmaterialgesetzgebung (radio interview on the Swiss legislation concerning war material), 6 September 2013.

Revue belge de droit international: Compte rendu du livre Droit à l’alimentation et accès à la justice, de Christophe Golay, in Revue belge de droit international No. 1-2 (2011): 694-696. (Translated title : Book review of The Right to Food and Access to Justice, by Christophe Golay).

Aktuelle Juristische Praxis / Pratique Juridique Actuelle: “Anwendbarkeit der Bestimmungen des Internationalen Paktes über wirtschaftliche, soziale und kulturelle Rechte (UNO-Pakt I) im Landesrecht: Bundesgerichtsentscheid 136 I 290-295″, Nr. 7, Juli 2011: 983-984.

International Journal of Transitional Justice: Review of Methods of Human Rights Research, by Fons Coomans, Fred Grunfeld and Menno T. Kamminga (eds) and Transitional Justice in Balance: Comparing Processes, Weighing Efficacy, Tricia D. Olsen, Leigh A. Payne and Andrew G. Reiter”, Vol. 5, No. 1 (2011): 159-165 (peer-reviewed).

“Chile: Wiedergutmachung für vergessene Opfer?”, in: Le journal de l’Association suisse contre l’impunité (Track Impunity Always) – No. 21, March 2010.

Case note: Swiss Federal Tribunal misses crucial opportunity to enforce international standards“, in: Housing and ESC Rights Law Quarterly – December 2010, 07/4, 8-9.

Lettre ouverte concernant l’interprétation de l’Ordonnance sur le matériel de guerre/ Offener Brief zur Auslegung der Verordnung über das Kriegsmaterial, 6. Oktober 2009.

“Völkerrecht: Kriegsmaterial: Schweiz liefert trotz Exportverbot”, in: Plädoyer, Zeitschrift für Recht und Politik, Oktober 2009.

Neue Kriegsmaterialverordnung verbietet Schweizer Rüstungsexporte in Konfliktstaaten“, in: Le journal de l’Association suisse contre l’impunité TRIAL (Track Impunity Always) – No. 19, Juli 2009.

Commissioned Reports and Unpublished Theses

The Diversity of Truth Commissions and Commissions of Inquiry, PeaceBrief No. 118, United States Institute of Peace, 12 January 2012.

United States Institute of Peace: “Transitional Justice: Information Handbook” (Washington DC, 2008), also published in Nepalese, translation into Arabic forthcoming.

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy – Master Thesis: “The Right to a Fair Trial in States of Emergencies – Non-Derogable Aspects of Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”, 2008, 105 p. la corruption affecte-t-elle les droits de l’homme? – Une approche internationale et l’observation du cas libanais“, 2005.

Covalence Analyst Papers: “Big Finance meets Microfinance – La haute finance rencontre-t-elle les micro-entreprises des pays en développement?”, 2005.

Youth against Corruption, with the Lebanese Transparency Association and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Beirut, 2005 (also published in Arabic).

Conference Presentations and Lectures

A list of conferences, presentations and contributions to summer schools/vocational traingings can be found here.

Websites and Blogs

Just Security, Iran Plane Downing: Likely a Violation of International Humanitarian Law (But Not a War Crime), 14 January 2020.

OpinioJuris, “Switzerland Rejects a Popular Initiative ‘Against Foreign Judges’”, 17 Decembre 2018.

Uthink, “Le droit suisse au lieu de juges étrangers : avis croisés d’experts”, 14 November 2018 (Evelyne Schmid et Hans-Ueli Vogt).

Rights as Usual, “ Can the ICC Combat the Illegal Exploitation of Resources and ‘Land-Grabbing’?”, 17 August 2017.

Contributor to IntLawGrrls and IntLawGrrls II (various posts).

Völkerrechtsblog, “‘Who may now speak’? International Lawyers and Religious Actors in Transitional Justice”, 20 May 2015 (response to Ioana Cismas).

Völkerrechtsblog, “Völkerrecht und die Legislative: Wenn der nationale Gesetzgeber mit den Schultern zuckt”, 8 August 2014 (with a response from Anne Kühler).

Rights as Usual, “A Glass at Least Half Full: The Dutch Court Ruling on Akpan v Royal Dutch Shell/Shell Nigeria”, 26 February 2013.

United States Institute of Peace, Truth Commission Digital Collection, The Margarita S. Studemeister Digital Collections in International Conflict Management (provided the research and texts for the complete re-launch of the collection in 2009).

Transitional Justice Forum: Contributor to Helena Cobban’s blog on transitional justice (blog link expired).

Making Sense of Sudan, Two Legal Issues in the Context of the Abu Garda Decision, 27 February 2010.