EndNote style files

Over the course of the last few years, I have created a number of EndNote output style files for journals which do not have a style pre-set in EndNote. Most of them are law journals/publishers.

Rather than simply keeping them on my computer, I simply uploaded them here – feel free to use and modify them for your own purposes. If you do use them, I appreciate if you acknowledge your use and the source of the style files.

None of these files is perfect. They might also be out-of-date, hence, please use them with a pinch of salt. If you produce a corrected / better / more elaborate version for any of these styles, I am happy to hear from you and can upload your version here, acknowledging your work and making it useful for others.


  • Cambridge University Press  – Monographies(Law) and a second version with a short-title system.
  • CH-Law (basic style I use for Swiss law journals, e.g. Revue de droit Suisse / Zeitschrift für schweizerisches Recht)
  • CH-Law in English (style I used for the Schweizerische Zeitschrift für internationales und europäisches Recht / Swiss Review of International and European Law / Revue suisse de droit international et euopréen)
  • Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights (NQHR)
  • Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung (ZeFKo, Nomos Journal, Harvard system)
  • Berger-Levrault
  • And here is the style I used while writing my doctoral thesis. You might also need to create additional reference types if you similar international law documents (e.g. General Comments, Concluding Observations, Periodic State Reports, UN resolutions, etc. – see e.g. here).

(You could read these explanations here if you need help with importing style files.)

Please note that I am not able to provide any support with your use of EndNote.